This extension products member declarations for your actionscript based on the selection you made in the flash ide.

Generated code is in the clipboard, you just have to paste in your favorite Actionscript code editor.

To use it, first install the extension then select your items witn an instance name in the flash ide, launch Commands > Instances GrabPour, go to your favorite actionscript editor and then juste paste, you have all your things properly declared and you didn’t loose time to verify things and search in checking between your applications 🙂

For a maximum ease of use assign a keyboard shortcut to the command, like CTRL+ALT+i for example.

Features :

  • Auto find objects type between MovieClip, TextField and linkage settings.
  • Adjust tabs spaces with your project actionscript version.
  • Auto Sort by name the members variables.

This extension is distributed under an mit license.
Instances Grab (992 downloads)

If you like this extension, if it makes you work faster you can offer me a beer, a coffee, participate at the hosting charge or whatever you want by a donation.
Thank you 🙂

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