How to enable a “Open terminal here” option on OSX without third party software

If you’re a dev or a geek you certainly use or miss the functionality to open a terminal on the current path you are browsing in the finder.

There is a way to enable this natively on your osx system via the services.

Here is how to achieve this :

Open : System preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard shortcuts

Then in the window, as shown in the screenshot below :

1 – Click on the Services icon on the left

2 – Find the Files and folders entry in the list on the right, inside this list find these options and check them :

– New Terminal at Folder : this will open a terminal window on the current path

– New Terminal Tab at Folder : this will open a new tab in the terminal on the current path

How to enable "Open terminal here" feature on osx

And now here is a screenshot on how to use it (right click on a folder in Finder for example) :

New terminal on this path, right click option visualization

Then you have your terminal window on the good path :

OSX Open terminal here result example

Enjoy 🙂

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