How to install pdt aptana and FDT 5

Step 1, PDT : Download PDT here, extract the content and put it somewhere on your disk

Step 2, Aptana : Launch your brand new PDT and go to Help>Install New Software click add, fill the fields with ‘Aptana’ and this url , click ok, check the checkbox and install. When you’re prompted to restart eclipse, restart

Step 3, adding java stuff for FDT 5 requirements : Again return to Help>Install New Software click Add and enter p2 for the name and this repo (depend on your eclipse version, mine is indigo) : ,click ok and look for Eclipse Java development tools in Programming Languages, check and install restart if you’re asked for.

Step 4 FDT5 : Help>Install New Software : Add, enter FDT5 in name and for the location, click ok check the checkbox and install, restart eclipse

Step 5 : Enjoy your pdt + aptana + fdt eclipse combo 🙂

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