Facebook Graph API & Flash Internet Explorer INET_E_DOWNLOAD_FAILURE

On a project I have to do some flash and facebook connect. I did it with OAuthGraph and the classes you can found on http://blog.yoz.sk. At the end (after some pain) everything work. After some time we had report that under internet explorer the facebook connect fails. That was a surprise since nothing in code has moved.
After some investigation i found that the error occured on the call on /me here is the scenario :
Call on :

With Debug bar in internet explorer under Info & cache we can see :

I search solutions and explanations but didn’t found concrete solid answers. It seems that the facebook header make internet explorer to try to launch a download and fail.
Finally i saw that some coders published the swf with flash player 10 and it resolved the issue. I did that and yes it does working again.
So i note this ugly patch here to remember.
But this is driving me mad because i can’t see relation between the bug issue and the version of the player.
Furthermore it worked well for several days with a swf in flash palyer 9 version …
If someone has understand what’s going on with this one, don’t hesitate to leave a comment

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